Be Still Sign


Be Still Sign $60.00

This Sign is 28in wide by 36 in tall. It Does Not come with the frame but can upon request at extra cost.

This is just one example of how you can mix the old with the new! I found this antique frame at an estate sale. It had an ugly print in it.


I chalk painted it, inserted some boards and stained them.


Then I added the customized quote I wanted and sealed it!

Now I have something in my home that reminds me to Be Still, trust God, and hang on!


If you have a piece of furniture or a special antique you’d like redone, refabbed, or refinished we would be happy to make it into your own unique masterpiece to proudly display in your home! Click our Contact tab and call us today ūüôā

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Country Cottage

20171024_160207Our New Location:

Country Cottage now located on Harris Linville Rd, is almost a 100 yr old farmhouse that sits on about 20 acres of land here in Shopville Kentucky. We are minuets away from Rockcastle River and the Daniel Boone National Forest. So, from whichever direction you come from you will be greeted with rolling hills and picaresque country landscapes. It’s quiet a quaint place!

Our Cottage is also a stage home for our many design options we offer. We have renovated our bathroom with shiplap and are currently renovating our upstairs! We are a work in progress! Come get some ideas from us to incorporate into your design!

At our New location, our Cottage houses antique furniture, housewares and more! Here, you will find all types of furniture and antiques that will add to your Farmhouse, French Country, English Country, & Shabby décor! You can book us at the Shop or Online for Home Staging to sell and resale, Scenic Design such as Accent Walls, Stage Sets, Business Signs, and Studio Design! We come to you with a first time Free consultation!

Each Season, We have a Themed Open House with discounts and door prizes for all FB_IMG_1516216244388of our customers and clients!

We are particularly excited for our Spring Open House! We will announce it soon just keep an eye on our social media be sure to like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram where we post our most recent updates and events.

So, whether you are a picker looking for that unique piece to go to with your décor, an interior designer that needs custom work done for a client, or a business/ organization that needs our professional design services, we are here for you, online and at our new location! FB_IMG_1516216215528

We hope to see you soon! Go on a country drive just you or with your friends and come out to the cottage for some antiques & vintage pieces!

Our hours are generally from:

10 am to 3 pm Tuesday through Thursday

Friday from 4pm to 6pm

Saturdays & Sundays  by appointment only

Just call us at 606-308-1459 and let us know you are coming to Country Cottage!

The Halloween Room


¬†Deep, Deep down in the basement of Biltmore Estates lies a room that is filled with eerie but colorful murals of gypsy’s, bats, wooden soldiers, crazy creatures and folklore called… The Halloween Room!!!

If you like hand painted art, this is the room for you and your kids!

This room reminded me of something my best friend and I would’ve painted in our high school days! No kidding, my mom was sweet enough to give me full reign of design in my own room back then. I took that freedom and ran with it creating a Day/Night room. My friend and I painted blue skies with white clouds on the ceiling in the “day” section along with a beach mural on the back of the bedroom door (which is still there to this day because my mom doesn’t have the heart to paint over it). For the “night” section, there was a step up to the bed covered in a canopy of silk plum curtians and dark purple walls and ceiling.¬†

Ah…if only Tanya and I were alive in December 1925, were filthy rich, and high society would we have been invited to paint murals on what once was a storage room flipped for a New Years Eve Gypsy Party to the tune of the theatrical program La Chauve-Souris! However, it was John and Cornelia Cecil that made their mark on these walls and almost one hundred years later, no one could ever bring themselves to paint over it.¬†

So, now we know this room isn’t all it’s spooked out to be!

Just like those poor old porcelain dolls that you find in antique stores, that have no clothes and have ugly chopped off hair, that once wore a beautiful dress and were a sweet little girl’s prized possession, so this room was once where the funnest party in Biltmore history was thrown! Happy Halloween y’all!¬†


Lettered Sign

We all have our favorite bible verse in our favorite version of the bible. If Hobby Lobby doesn’t have it, we can make it. Well, even if Hobby Lobby does have it, we still can make it ūüėČ And customize it for you! This is a weathered sign with a white out background.


You pick the lettering style and size and we will do the rest!


Scenic Design

We offer design services such as Scenic Design! These pallet wall units not only add to this coffee house inspired theme, but also add as a sound barrier for great acoustics!


These raw oak pallet boards were a perfect pop to this sanctuary. We left them unfinished so that the different tones would bring intrest and draw the eye to the stage.


We suggested Edison lighting to create a warm atmosphere. Now this stage is enjoyed by so many artists and worshipers and is one of our favorite scenic designs yet! 18342368_1440738579311893_1876383901010701926_n


Old Sturbridge Village





Old Sturbridge Village


An 1830s New England Living History Museum

This small village was created in the 30’s by a family of¬†antique collectors. Some of the buildings on this property date back to the 1700’s. Over the years they were deconstructed and brought here¬†to Sturbridge MA to be preserved for other generations.

From the Old Sturbridge website: “Old Sturbridge Village’s collection consists of more than 50,000 artifacts made or used by rural New Englanders between 1790 and 1840…Members of the Wells family, who owned and ran the American Optical Company in Southbridge, Massachusetts, founded the Wells Historical Museum in 1935 to display the extensive collection that they assembled. Shortly afterwards, the family acquired land in nearby Sturbridge to create a model setting that would evoke the atmosphere of a working early New England village to show the collections in the context of their original use. On June 8, 1946, the museum village opened to the public with thirteen historic structures in place.”

I so enjoyed this little place! This is a local hotspot and was suggested we visit here by our¬†aunt. Our children got to see what life was like in the 1830’s in a small New England village. Houses¬†and towns were built around the common. This park like area was¬†shared by all the townspeople and was used for grazing animals.¬†In the picture above is a colonial home that was the parsonage where the pastor lived. The ladies were working outside in the garden enclosed by the white picket fence. They made use of every square inch. Instead of¬†planting flower gardens, herbs and vegetables were grown in their front yards.


Here is the meeting house where all town decisions were made at a town meeting.


Walking just outside of the common was the farmstead. Dirt roads and hills led to these New England style homes. Along the way kids could stop play typical childhood  games like hoop rolling. I love the primitive colors and styles of the buildings. If I lived on a farm it would be this cute!

20160727_140628 20160727_13203620160727_142307


20160727_141222 20160727_141209

In the kitchen of the Farmhouse. Our kids had so much fun playing and getting spices prepared for supper with the ladies of the house. They asked if they could go down into the cellar to get some sweet potatoes. They were obliged! This was the real deal cooking. Flies were swarming after the homemade pies that were covered in cheesecloth and old rags to  protect them. You could smell a hint of curdled milk as they were churning real butter!

20160727_130806 20160727_160611

Look at the bold wallpaper, the old farmhouse chair, the 1880’s rug! All from¬†the Well’s family antique collection.


The ladies of the house would get together after morning chores and have afternoon tea and knit clothes, blankets, and curtains for their households. The ladies in this picture were in the parlor parsonage. ( I really liked the Parsonage the best because of the large floor boards the steep steps, and the décor. All typical of late 18th century design.)


The Blacksmith shop. The word¬†“Smith” means to Smite or hit the object being formed, thus the word Blacksmith.


When they weren’t farming, they were working in their shops making useful items. This is the Tinsmith. We think we live such busy lives today. Most of us wouldn’t last a day if we lived off the land, made everything we own and only possessed that which our hard working hands made. At least I know I wouldn’t. ūüôā


Here’s the Vermont Bridge! Everyone who comes here has seen this beauty. It’s set in a gorgeous spot near the Gristmill just outside the common.

There was so much to see and take in at the village. It was a fun adventure. Our children’s imagination and curiosity was engauged the whole time. It was very educational and we enjoyed it so!

Thanks for joining me! Happy trails to you, until next time…



20160729_131246Last year I took you through a tour of The Breakers of Newport, Rhode Island. Down the streets of Bellevue Ave you will find mansion after mansion (or summer cottage, whichever you’d prefer). The streets are so nice to walk along.¬†Large shade trees in every yard,¬†ivy and¬†rosebushes are climbing the stone¬†walls. Iron¬†gates¬†made you feel like you were right¬†back¬†in the Gilded Age.¬†I kept looking down to see if my modern day attire had transformed into a large ornate gown dragging behind me as I walked along…imagination was running wild! I kept saying to my kids,”Imagine what it was like to…”

This year, it’s all about Rosecliff! This beautiful mansion was modeled after the Grand Trianon at Versailles and was built at a reported $2.5 million back in the day!¬†Big elaborate parties were thrown here with¬†special guests¬†such as¬†magician Harry Houdini. This along with the Marble House and other¬†Newport mansions is where¬†many movies were shot including ¬†Amastad, The Great Gatsby, The Betsy, and True Lies.

The architecture is¬†of the Baroque¬†Revival¬†era by architect Stanford White who’s design principles embodied the American Renaissance. Rosecliff¬†was made of terracotta stone and not marble. Who ever would’ve guessed?

Rosecliff is well known for it’s beautiful rose gardens and for cultivating the American Beauty Rose. Here’s a picture of the grounds…



Oh! Hello there I am, lol! The picture on the right is of the rose garden. See the ocean in the distance above the statues head?

It was so beautiful outside! 20160729_125937


Elaborate moldings stole my heart in the library/ man cave.


Gorgeous chandeliers in the dining and ball rooms.






The Ballroom grand piano in gold leaf! Google True Lies movie scenes and you can see this room!



When I saw this humongous white thing pictured below (left pic)¬†tucked away in the corner of this dining room, I wondered what purpose that served. It was odd and just couldn’t possibly¬†have been¬†placed in the room just for looks. Come to find out, it is a heater. The servants would put coal or wood in the back and stoke the fire. It is made of cast iron, so it radiates heat. Pretty neat, huh? Next ( right pic) is a radiator cover, how fancy!

20160729_132221               20160729_131619


Sadly all the original furniture had been sold at auction. When the Monroe’s purchased Rosecliff, they refurnished it in the 40’s. That Dressing Mirror! Some extra pics of a fireplace¬†lined with decorative fleur de lis metal, ooh la la! Evidently, the Fleur de lis symbol represented the Trinity!

20160729_133512      20160729_132248  20160729_131749


Looking outside…

20160729_130944 20160729_133603

The Gift Shop was in the Basement with a pic of Mrs. Monroe (left) and then take a look at that basement ceiling (bottom right). Wow!

20160729_140424   20160729_140455



I hope you enjoyed this blog. We love history and visiting a part of the past where beauty never fades! Our next blog will be of a New England Village from the mid 19th century, stay tuned and thanks for reading our blog!






Country Cottage Kids Playhouse

Our children wanted a swing set so my husband who is a contractor built them one! It has a playground grade slide, a latter, sandbox with an attached playhouse and of course swings! Yay!! It just keeps getting added onto at the request of our kiddos.

So, this momma had to get in on the action and decorate that cute little playhouse for our two  little girls! They are both at the age to learn how to sew. We went shopping and bought some floral and striped material and they got to work hand stitching those hems and adding little embellishments along the way.


Country Cottage Kids


We had cut out a little window to serve out of. We decided the theme of our Cottage playhouse would be a Shabby Chic Lemonade Stand!! How fun, right?


Country Cottage Kids



We used two bookshelves to make a kitchen area and connected them with a piece of board cut to cover the entire top as a countertop.

Here’s a¬†cute little shelf added for storage


Country Cottage Kids



And no lemonade stand is complete without a menu. We just spray painted two scrap pieces of board with chalkboard paint. Two coats on a smooth piece did just fine.


Country Cottage Kids



And we needed a place to record all these lemonade transactions ūüėČ ūüėČ



Country Cottage Kids


And voila! It was finished. It’s simple but cute and the girls love it. There are tons of ways they can use their imagination and play in their lemonade stand cottage. We had a blast decorating this. The top bunk is going to be a pirates lare! Arrr maties!! Keep an eye out for a possible blog on that. Thanks for stopping by!


Country Cottage Kids

Welcome to Country Cottage Interiors!

CC emblem 2

Coming soon…

A blog about what all we do here at the Country Cottage ūüôā

I’ll have helpful tips and tricks for you to pull off¬†all the ¬†farmhouse look you are soo in love with. French Country is my favorite! We all know that’s not the only farmhouse look you can achieve and if you didn’t know that, I’ll teach you.

I also to plan on showcasing different pieces of furniture I do.

Do you love antiques? Me too! I have some tricks up my sleeve to show you about restoring those special pieces. Stay tuned, a full site will be up and running before too long! Thanks for stopping by. In the mean time, visit us on Facebook @ see ya soon!