Country Cottage Kids Playhouse

Our children wanted a swing set so my husband who is a contractor built them one! It has a playground grade slide, a latter, sandbox with an attached playhouse and of course swings! Yay!! It just keeps getting added onto at the request of our kiddos.

So, this momma had to get in on the action and decorate that cute little playhouse for our two  little girls! They are both at the age to learn how to sew. We went shopping and bought some floral and striped material and they got to work hand stitching those hems and adding little embellishments along the way.

Country Cottage Kids


We had cut out a little window to serve out of. We decided the theme of our Cottage playhouse would be a Shabby Chic Lemonade Stand!! How fun, right?

Country Cottage Kids



We used two bookshelves to make a kitchen area and connected them with a piece of board cut to cover the entire top as a countertop.

Here’s a cute little shelf added for storage

Country Cottage Kids



And no lemonade stand is complete without a menu. We just spray painted two scrap pieces of board with chalkboard paint. Two coats on a smooth piece did just fine.

Country Cottage Kids



And we needed a place to record all these lemonade transactions 😉 😉


Country Cottage Kids


And voila! It was finished. It’s simple but cute and the girls love it. There are tons of ways they can use their imagination and play in their lemonade stand cottage. We had a blast decorating this. The top bunk is going to be a pirates lare! Arrr maties!! Keep an eye out for a possible blog on that. Thanks for stopping by!

Country Cottage Kids

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