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The Halloween Room


 Deep, Deep down in the basement of Biltmore Estates lies a room that is filled with eerie but colorful murals of gypsy’s, bats, wooden soldiers, crazy creatures and folklore called… The Halloween Room!!!

If you like hand painted art, this is the room for you and your kids!

This room reminded me of something my best friend and I would’ve painted in our high school days! No kidding, my mom was sweet enough to give me full reign of design in my own room back then. I took that freedom and ran with it creating a Day/Night room. My friend and I painted blue skies with white clouds on the ceiling in the “day” section along with a beach mural on the back of the bedroom door (which is still there to this day because my mom doesn’t have the heart to paint over it). For the “night” section, there was a step up to the bed covered in a canopy of silk plum curtians and dark purple walls and ceiling. 

Ah…if only Tanya and I were alive in December 1925, were filthy rich, and high society would we have been invited to paint murals on what once was a storage room flipped for a New Years Eve Gypsy Party to the tune of the theatrical program La Chauve-Souris! However, it was John and Cornelia Cecil that made their mark on these walls and almost one hundred years later, no one could ever bring themselves to paint over it. 

So, now we know this room isn’t all it’s spooked out to be!

Just like those poor old porcelain dolls that you find in antique stores, that have no clothes and have ugly chopped off hair, that once wore a beautiful dress and were a sweet little girl’s prized possession, so this room was once where the funnest party in Biltmore history was thrown! Happy Halloween y’all!