Country Cottage Teen Room Makeover

My teen has graduated to a Boho room!

This room has seen a lot of styles and this one is sticking around until she moves out! -I think. 😉

Embellished with a Modern Boho Style, this Gypsy or Hippie theme that has roots from Czechoslovakia has marked another generation! My daughter wanted something light and airy but she also fell in love with an old iron bed I had that looked more Modern Farmhouse. It needed a lot of tender love and care!

These types of beds had no patents, so finding a bed that has its original frame railing is very uncommon. I had two rails. One fit, the other was not it’s original, so I had a problem.

I found Dan Kelley from out in Arkansas that has a small business specializing in thousands of these iron bed parts and rails. And I could’ve sent him a drawing on cardboard to see if he had one like it or had him fabricate one for me- which if it was sentimental, I definitely would’ve done! If you need his services check him out:

But instead, I had a local welder make me some. We did a full size frame and she customized it to fit! I couldn’t be happier! After a lot of sanding- which she also did, priming, and painting- we have a beautiful modern farmhouse bed! You can follow Ashley on Instagram: @

(photo credit: Ashley Phelps)

I have a couple of beds with iron tubing in stock at the cottage!

I added a vintage sewing cabinet that serves as both a desk and vanity. The warm tones in the wood adds to the ethnic vibe and the round modern mirror plays off the Modern Farmhouse bed! ❤️

So, we meshed together a Modern Farmhouse look with a Boho Theme and this is what it turned out to be!

White walls, black iron bed, and some warm brown tones gives my teen all the Boho a girl could ask for!

It’s simple and makes her happy!